Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mercedes SL turns 60

It all started in the 1952 racing season, where the success has expanded from Bern to Le Mans , Nürburgring and Carrera Panamericana, the Mercedes 300 SL leave behind all opponents.
Demonstrating the impressive sporting car gene that accompanied his successors. The double victory in the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, was a milestone in the life of the Mercedes 300 SL and Mercedes-Benz.

The entire preparation was completely different in view of race conditions in Central America. The preparation was held at altitude in Austria, Grossglockner mountain, where the Mercedes 300 SL has tested to its limits. The race in Mexico was in Puerto Aires at 3196 meters above sea level, but finding the optimal setting of the carburetor was very difficult because there were steps with decreases between 200 and 300 meters.

At the end through various improvements could increase the power of the Mercedes 300 SL from 170 hp to 180 hp and after eight steps Kling and Klenk gained the victory and Lang/ Grupp the second place (both pairs of pilots in a Mercedes 300 SL). So Mercedes-Benz reached one of the most important victories of the brand in the 50s.
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Mercedes SL
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